Living with sight loss At any normal time can be a daunting, isolating experience. Living with sight loss during a government enforced lockdown can be terrifying. We are the uk’s leading provider of tuition for blind people. Throughout Covid  we’ve been talking to our clients every week. As the months of lock down rolled on, they began to tell us about some of the difficulties they were facing with accessing food. Many had lost their support workers because of the two meter rule and none were able to do an online shop.

This was obviously distressing to hear and although our remit is music and events, we heard the call And felt we had  to step in and try to help.

One Big Lottery fund application later and we’ve been able to put in shopping orders for 30 clients spread over four weeks with a spend of £6000. We are now linking with other local organisations to ensure food keeps flowing until the pandemic passes.

It’s been great to help, but sad that we had to. Still, it proves what we’ve always known, music provides, it connects and through engagement with music many unexpected things can happen.